Ghana arrests demonstrators protesting against the country’s economic crisis

Police in Ghana arrested protesters and journalists during demonstrations against the country’s economic crisis and soaring cost of living on Thursday.

The Protests: Activists accused the police of arresting and mistreating peaceful demonstrators and bystanders outside the country’s main government building.
* Hundreds gathered near Ghana’s presidential palace where 49 were arrested for “disregarding a court process,” according to police.
* Detained journalists from BBC were later released.
* Critics argue the arrests were a violation of democratic rights and heavily criticize the response by security forces to the increasing protests.

Government Response: President Nana Akufo-Addo’s government has attributed the country’s financial problems to the pandemic and global economic factors such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
* The President, who once served as a human rights lawyer and participated in protests prior to his 2016 presidency, has been criticized for his handling of the situation.
* Many Ghanaians blame the government for economic mismanagement and unpopular, expensive projects like a new national cathedral costing over $400 million.

Economic Context: Ghana, once hailed as a model African economy, has been experiencing a deepening financial crisis and increasing cost of living for the past five years.
* Protests sparked by these hardships have been growing in frequency over the past two years.
* In May, Ghana signed its 17th bailout loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund, worth $3 billion.

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