The world’s best pizza maker shares his 5 tips for a perfect slice

Global Pizza Maker of the Year and founder of London-based restaurant, Napoli on the Road, Michele Pascarella has shared five tips on making perfect pizza.

Personal Background: Michele Pascarella, a Naples-born pizza chef who started in a pizzeria at age 11, is the London-based founder of Napoli on the Road.
* Pascarella, who started Napoli on the Road in 2019, has won numerous awards for his pizzas and is recognized as a pioneer in contemporary pizza.
* His signature pizza is topped with slow cooked ragu and parmigiano reggiano cream, reminiscing his Sunday breakfasts back in Italy.

Achievements: Pascarella was recently named Global Pizza Maker of the Year by 50 Top Pizza, which he describes as “like the Michelin guide for pizza”.
* His innovative pizza designs exhibit a fusion of his childhood memories and the fresh ingredients available in London.

Pizza Making Tips: Pascarella’s secret to making the best pizza includes following a set of five tips.
* He recommends using fresh and in-season ingredients, keeping the pizza simple with few ingredients, and if homemade, making the dough a bit watery to compensate for the lack of professional equipment.
* He is against the use of any fruits on pizza, particularly pineapple, and encourages continual learning in one’s craft.

Striking Quote: Emphasising the importance of continual learning, Pascarella said, “In this job, you never learn enough. Every day we can learn something.”

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