Prosecutors in DC election case are seeking a partial gag order for Trump

Federal prosecutors in the case against former President Donald Trump, charged with scheming to overturn the 2020 election, seek a partial gag order to restrict his inflammatory public comments.

What’s happening: The prosecutorial team, led by Special counsel Jack Smith, argues that a “narrow, well-defined” order is needed to maintain the integrity of the proceedings and avoid prejudicing future jurors.
* They allege that Trump’s public statements potentially undermine the justice process and cast aspersions on the judiciary, witnesses, and the prosecution.
* Prosecutors are specifically concerned about Trump’s posts on his Truth Social platform where he has attacked the case and individuals involved.

The defense: A spokesperson for Trump criticized the motion, claiming that the prosecution is attempting to deprive Trump of his First Amendment rights and accusing this action as being biased election interference.
* The spokesperson asserted that Trump is the leading candidate in an unspecified race and that voters will see through this “unconstitutional charade.”

Courthouse dynamics: On the same day, the prosecution challenged a request from Trump’s defense for Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself.
* The defense cited previous comments from Judge Chutkan that they believe question her ability to be fair, however, the prosecution refuted these concerns, stating there was no valid basis for her recusal.

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