With eyes fixated on Pennsylvania manhunt, a D.C. murder suspect remains on the run

While significant attention has been on the hunt for escaped prisoner Danelo Souza Cavalcante in Pennsylvania, another fugitive, Christopher Haynes, remains on the loose in Washington D.C.

The escapes: Christopher Haynes escaped police custody at George Washington University Hospital on September 6 after being arrested on murder charges.
* Haynes case drew less national attention compared to that of Cavalcante, who had escaped a prison in Pennsylvania.
* The officers failed to secure Haynes properly, leading to his escape.

Media and public attention: Differences in media coverage and public attention between the two manhunts are noted.
* Cavalcante’s case had frequent developments, which, according to Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor, led to increased public interest.
* In contrast, the lack of new developments in Haynes’ case has resulted in lower public engagement.

The hunt progress: Police in Washington D.C. continue their search for Haynes.
* The reward for information leading to Haynes’ arrest has increased to $30,000, as authorities attempt to obtain public assistance in the manhunt.
* Unlike Cavalcante’s case, which saw extensive local engagement and multiple reported sightings, Haynes’ pursuit displays little public sign.

American true-crime fascination: The public’s interest in such fugitive cases points to a longstanding fascination with true-crime stories.
* Levin cites the historical narrative of crime stories in America, dating back 100 years to crime narratives like Bonnie and Clyde, serving as an explanation for the public’s high interest in such cases.

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