More than 5,000 have been found dead after Libya floods

Libyan floods leave over 5,100 dead, inflict massive damage to Derna city, and illustrate the struggles faced by a country mired in infrastructure neglect and conflict.

Overview: The Mediterranean coastal city of Derna and surrounding towns in Libya have experienced devastating floods and storms, leading to at least 5,100 recorded fatalities.
* 25% of Derna city has been destroyed, including key infrastructure like a dam.
* Residents, many now homeless, are searching for loved ones amongst the devastation.

Background: Libya’s internal conflict and divided governance have complicated the situation.
* The country’s ongoing conflict has led to neglected infrastructure and widespread poverty.
* The storm’s intensity aligns with a pattern of increased extreme weather linked to climate change.

The human toll: The death toll not only includes local residents, but foreigners as well.
* Among the deceased are at least 84 Egyptians, as per Libya’s Health Ministry and Egyptian media.
* The death toll is expected to rise further according to reports.

The aftermath: Rescue efforts and recovery present a significant challenge.
* Video footage displays dozens of corpses lined up at a hospital and bodies buried in mass graves.
* Experts note that the lack of dam maintenance over many years contributed to the destruction.

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