Kim Jong Un vows full support for Russia as Putin pledges space tech for North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promised full support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, while Putin has offered technological assistance to launch a North Korean satellite into space.

The Context: During a summit in Russia, Kim threw his support behind Putin’s “fight against imperialism,” listing Russia-North Korea relations as a “top priority.”
* The meeting, which lasted four hours, demonstrated growing alignment between the two countries in the face of geopolitical tensions and Western isolation.

Military Cooperation: Putin mentioned the “possibilities” of military cooperation and South Korea’s intelligence agency believes that Russia has already discussed the possibility of three-way naval exercises with North Korea and China.
* Despite concerns that Russia and North Korea could potentially strike an arms deal for Russia’s war in Ukraine, Putin assured that any military cooperation would occur “within the framework of the current rules.”

Space Collaboration: Putin hosted Kim at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East and offered technological assistance to launch a North Korean satellite, following North Korea’s failed attempts earlier this year.
* Critics argue that North Korea uses space programs as cover for weapons tests, violating United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Differing Views: While sharing sensitive military technologies with Pyongyang has been a cautious field for Moscow, analysts like former South Korean Ambassador to Russia, Wi Sung-lac, and North Korea expert, Hong Min, suggest that Russia may increase its cooperation with North Korea due to emerging geopolitical considerations.
* The Kremlin insists that cooperation in sensitive areas should not be made public.

Post-Summit Plans: Putin revealed that Kim would continue his visit to Russia, including a visit to Vladivostok, the home to the headquarters of the Russian Navy’s Pacific fleet.

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