American researcher stuck deep in a Turkish cave is rescued after falling ill

An American researcher, Mark Dickey, who fell ill deep inside a cave in Turkey has been successfully rescued.

Background: Mark Dickey, an experienced caver and researcher, fell seriously ill over a week ago while exploring and mapping the Morca cave in Turkey’s Taurus Mountains, which is the country’s third deepest.
* Dickey, unable to climb out himself due to his condition, was helped by rescue teams who carried him out using a stretcher, regularly stopping at temporary camps along the ascent.

Rescue operation: Around 190 experts from six countries collaborated in the arduous rescue mission.
* The operation involved widening narrow passages, installing ropes to hoist Dickey on a stretcher through vertical shafts, and establishing temporary camps en-route.
* Teams of a doctor and three to four rescuers took turns staying with Dickey throughout the operation.

Dickey’s condition: The cause of Dickey’s illness, marked by stomach bleeding, is still unclear.
* Initial treatment was given by a Hungarian doctor who descended to Dickey’s location on September 3rd.
* Dickey thanked the caving community and the Turkish government for their efforts in his rescue.

Aftermath: The Speleological Federation of Turkey confirmed Dickey’s successful rescue from the cave, stating that he is being cared for by emergency medical workers.
* Dickey’s parents communicated their immense relief and joy at their son being evacuated from the cave in stable condition.

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