Up First briefing: A Labor Day look at union fights, wins and close calls

Labor Day in the U.S. presents an opportunity to assess the current state of unions across the nation, with a recent Gallup poll indicating broad approval despite low membership.

Public Opinion: According to Gallup, two-thirds of Americans approve of unions, an approval rate that contrasts the last 60 years.
* Despite this approval, union representation remains limited, and only 10% of American workers currently belong to a union.

Hollywood on Strike: The entertainment industry is grappling with a dual strike from writers and actors that is disrupting production schedules and causing economic impacts.
* The Writers Guild of America went on strike in May, followed by SAG-AFTRA performers in July.
* They’re protesting about residual payments, job protections, and the use of artificial intelligence.
* Union negotiators suggest the strike could continue until 2024.

Recent Union Developments: Several other union movements have made headlines recently.
* Strippers at a Los Angeles bar formed the country’s only organized group of its kind in May.
* UPS avoided a large-scale strike after reaching an agreement with the Teamsters union to increase wages.
* REI, an outdoor retailer known for its progressive stance, is facing accusations of not recognizing its newly unionized workers.
* Visual effects workers at Marvel Studios have voted to unionize in a historic move.
* Thousands of LA hotel workers are striking for better wages and benefits.

The labor movement in the U.S. continues to evolve, with diverse groups organizing to advance their rights and protections in the workplace.

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