During post-storm tour, Biden praises Florida residents for their ‘remarkable’ spirit

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden toured the hurricane-hit city of Live Oak in Florida, praising the resilience of the residents affected by Hurricane Idalia.

The Visit: Biden and the first lady toured Live Oak, a city severely hit by the Category 3 Hurricane Idalia, and met with first responders and those affected by the hurricane.
* During his visit, Biden praised the spirit of the community, highlighting the importance of hope in times of disaster.
* The tour included an aerial view and a walk through the devastated area.

The Damage: The hurricane has caused significant damage, leading to downed trees, destroyed buildings and homes, and flooded fields.
* As the storm moved inland, coastal communities faced storm surge threats, while houses along the Suwannee River were damaged with whole neighborhoods submerged in floodwaters.
* Moody’s estimates that the damage could cost Florida and Georgia between $12 to $20 billion.

Recovery: Response to the hurricane continues, with power restoration and other recovery efforts ongoing.
* According to the state government, 90% of the power that was knocked out by Hurricane Idalia has been restored as of Saturday afternoon.
* Biden reassured residents that federal government support for recovery efforts would continue for as long as necessary.

Storm Impact: Notably, there have been no storm-related deaths reported by the Florida government until the time of the visit.
* The president and first lady were accompanied by Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott, but did not meet with the state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who is presently running for president.

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