After recent disasters, the White House says FEMA needs more money

The White House has requested an additional $4 billion in emergency funding for FEMA, following recent natural disasters in various U.S. states including Hawaii and Florida.

Funding request details: The White House initially told Congress that FEMA’s disaster relief fund required $12 billion.
* The request was subsequently increased to a total of $16 billion due to the escalating scale of disasters such as fires in Maui and Louisiana, flooding in Vermont, and Hurricane Idalia hitting Florida.

Who’s saying what: Liz Sherwood-Randall, President Biden’s homeland security advisor, stated the importance of supporting communities in need.
* Sherwood-Randall mentioned, “We know that every American expects FEMA to be there if they are experiencing a disaster. We want to make sure that we can fund that support that these communities will need.”

Bigger picture: The additional request for FEMA funding is part of a larger emergency funding request of $44 billion.
* This request is to cover expenses above Congress’s previous approved spending, and it includes $24 billion for costs related to the war in Ukraine and $4 billion for migrant-related expenses at the southern border.

Coming up: Congress will return from recess next week and is expected to consider this funding request.

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