A building fire has killed dozens, many homeless, in Johannesburg, authorities say

At least 58 people, many of them homeless, have died in a building fire in Johannesburg, with the death toll expected to rise.

The core details: Emergency services reported the fire in a multi-story building, which was predominantly inhabited by homeless people.
* Spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said that 43 people were injured and expects the death toll to rise.
* A search and recovery operation is ongoing, with firefighters still working through the building.

On the scene: The fire has been largely extinguished, but remnants of the blaze are still visible.
* Smoke can still be seen seeping from the windows of the blackened building, and materials such as sheets are hanging from windows.
* It was unclear if these materials were used in attempts to escape the fire or to save possessions.

Resident difficulties: The informal nature of the residents’ occupation of the building has presented challenges in the recovery operation.
* Homeless people living in the building had done so without formal lease agreements, complicating the search process.
* Witnesses claim there could have been as many as 200 people living in the building.

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