Hollywood union health insurance is particularly good. And it’s jeopardized by strike

Hollywood union actor and writer strikes put health insurance at risk for many, with the possibility of over 170,000 workers losing their coverage.

Background: The dual strikes in Hollywood primarily discuss artificial intelligence, residual payments, and job protections, but health insurance, a hallmark of these unions, is also at risk.
* Health insurance offered by both the writer (WGA) and actor’s (SAG-AFTRA) unions is contingent on members earning a minimum amount of money each year.
* The WGA health insurance policy, sometimes referred to as the “Cadillac of health insurance”, has no monthly premiums and relatively low deductibles.
* Because of the strikes, which have been ongoing since May for writers and since mid-July for actors, members could lose eligibility for insurance simply because they are not working.

Impact on Studio Crews: While the striking actors and writers might get reprieve, non-member studio crews could potentially lose their health insurance.
* The Union Solidarity Coalition (TUSC), a mutual aid group, was created to provide assistance to these crew members who are not part of the striking unions.

Potential Solutions: A new California law could provide support for strikers losing their health insurance.
* AB2530, which took effect July 1, 2023, received $2 million in funding under the new state budget to cover premiums for union workers that lose coverage due to a strike.
* As of 2024, another law will end deductibles on middle-tier benchmark plans offering further relief.

Response from Studios: Though studios and streaming companies could continue coverage, it is unlikely.
* IATSE president, Matt Loeb, has called for studios and streamers to offer extended health benefits to workers who may lose them during the strikes.

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