Spain’s soccer chief Luis Rubiales is temporarily suspended after World Cup kiss

FIFA has temporarily suspended Luis Rubiales, the head of Spain’s soccer federation, following allegations that he forcibly kissed a player during the Women’s World Cup medal ceremony.

The allegations: FIFA suspended Rubiales from all soccer-related activities, both nationally and internationally, for 90 days while a disciplinary committee investigates the incident.
* Rubiales is accused of forcibly kissing star forward Jennifer Hermoso during the medal ceremony after Spain’s first ever Women’s World Cup win.
* Rubiales has denied any wrongdoing and intends to defend himself.

Administrative response: Upon his suspension, Rubiales and the Spanish Soccer Federation were notified, with Rubiales expressing trust in the process.
* The Spanish government has also commenced its own proceedings against Rubiales, hinting at the possibility of declaring him unfit for office if he violated laws or regulations.

Player reactions: The incident led to increasing demands for Rubiales’ resignation from the Spanish national women’s soccer team.
* The team vowed not to play again until Rubiales and other leaders step down.

Statement from FIFA: The global governing body has reiterated its commitment to the integrity of all persons and condemned any contrary behaviors.

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