Ronan Farrow says Elon Musk has become an ‘arbiter’ of the war in Ukraine

New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow has indicated that Elon Musk, through his Starlink satellite technology, has become a key player in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

Key statement: Ronan Farrow claims that Elon Musk’s role in Ukraine’s war is influential due to the internet provision by his Starlink satellites.
* This influence sees Musk behaving “more like a nation state than an individual.”

Context: Ukraine is currently at war with Russia and Musk’s Starlink satellites are providing critical internet access to the country during this period.
* Stable internet access is vital in the modern warfare landscape and so Starlink’s role becomes significantly impactful.

Implications: The situation grants Elon Musk an unusual level of influence over the war’s proceedings.
* The possession of such a crucial resource allows Musk to play a defining role in the course of the conflict.

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