Up First briefing: Tropical Storm Hilary; Guatemala election; indoor air quality tips

Southern California is recovering from Tropical Storm Hilary, anti-corruption advocate Bernardo Arévalo secures victory in Guatemala’s presidential election, and residents get advice on indoor air quality amidst increasing outdoor air pollution.

Storm Aftermath: Southern California experienced its first tropical storm – now a post-tropical cyclone – in nearly 90 years, causing heavy rainfall without the predicted fatalities.
* The storm resulted in flooding, emergency evacuations, and even forced Los Angeles public schools to close on Monday.
* Notable rainfall records were broken from downtown LA to Palm Springs, with mountain and desert communities facing the most flash flooding.

Unexpected Election Result: Anti-corruption advocate Bernardo Arévalo has won Guatemala’s presidential election, an outcome that many hope could prevent further democratic backsliding in the country.
* Despite his lack of campaign funds and billboard promotions, Arévalo won with more than 20 percentage votes.
* However, his rival plans to challenge the results in court, and Guatemala’s Justice Department may bring politically motivated charges against Arévalo.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns: As pollution increases outdoor air quality concerns, residents are also being advised on how to improve indoor air quality.
* Mold from high humidity, gases from stoves, and vapors from cleaning products can make indoor air hazardous, leading to health issues such as eye and throat irritation or even respiratory and cognitive risks.
* Tips for improvement include frequent window opening to allow fresh air in, removal of potential hazards like carpets, and utilization of an indoor air purifier.

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