Photos: See flooding, mudslides Tropical Storm Hilary brings to Southern Calif.

Tropical Storm Hilary is currently affecting millions of people in Southern California, causing flooding and landslides.

The current situation: Southern California is experiencing the effects of Hurricane Hilary, which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm as it makes landfall.
* Residents are being advised to stay home whenever possible and to expect road closures in flooded areas and potential power blackouts.

Potential Hazards: Flooding and mudslides are major issues causing concerns for the residents of the area.
* These environmental conditions might lead to road closures and even power blackouts.

Recommendations for residents: Public advisories suggest people should stay home if possible.
* This is to ensure their safety and prevent any accidents caused due to the hostile weather conditions.

Foreseen consequences: The tropical storm could result in infrastructure damages and limit in-person activities due to road closures and blackouts.
* Flooding and mudslides from the storm could lead to significant property and environmental damage.

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