These poems by Latin American women reflect a multilingual region

Sandra Guzmán’s new book, “Daughters of Latin America,” presents a collection of works from 140 Latin American female writers, reflecting the region’s multilingualism and diversity.

About the book: Daughters of Latin America
* The book includes poems, short stories, essays, speeches, and more from various writers living in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, and other parts of the world.
* More than 20 languages are represented in the book, emphasizing the rich multilingual and multicultural nature of the Latin American region.

Reflections on languages: The anthology gives voice to writers using various languages, including those from indigenous communities.
* Guzmán was motivated to launch this project after learning the troubling fact that every 14 days, an indigenous language dies worldwide.
* For instance, the collection includes works by Rosa Chávez, a Maya K’iche’-Kaqchikel poet from Guatemala, in both Kʼicheʼ language and English.

Voices from the margins: Guzmán also includes Afro-Latina and Puerto Rican writers who are often overlooked in such anthologies.
* Mary Grueso Romero, an Afro-Latina poet from Colombia, and Esmeralda Santiago, a Puerto Rican novelist and memoirist, are featured in the book.
* According to Guzmán, recognition of these writers is crucial as they have often paved the way for many others.

Guzmán’s aspirations: Sandra Guzmán hopes that this anthology will inspire people to explore more works by Latin American women writers from all corners of the world.
* She emphasized that understanding Latin America through its women provides a fuller comprehension of the region’s cultures and populations.

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