Up First briefing: Trump’s GOP support; ICE detention conditions; Senate selfie quest

Today’s news includes a Republican primary debate amid supporting Trump, allegations of misconduct at ICE detention centers, and the aftermath of a coup in Niger.

Primary talks: The first Republican primary debate is scheduled for next Wednesday, despite Trump’s legal issues, he remains popular among his Republican base.
* His popularity divides, with Democrats and independents mostly viewing him unfavorably.
* It’s still not clear whether Trump will attend the upcoming debate.

Allegations of abuse: An NPR investigation has uncovered allegations of “barbaric” and “negligent” mistreatment of detainees in ICE detention centers.
* Reports based on expert findings detail instances of pepper spraying mentally ill detainees, poor sanitation, and neglect of medical conditions.
* ACLU lawyer, Eunice Cho, suggested that these findings likely just skim the surface of the reality, with conditions possibly worsening due to COVID-19.

Long-term control in Niger: The junta in Niger, who ousted President Mohamed Bazoum three weeks ago, announced their plans to try him for “high treason.”
* The military leaders have rearranged several diplomatic ties and reshuffled many cabinet positions.
* NPR’s Emmanuel Akinwotu says the junta’s moves suggest they’re taking “a strategic, long-term look at control of the country.”

Preserving Hawaiian artifacts: Heritage workers and preservation experts in Hawaii are working on salvaging and documenting cultural artifacts that have been lost or damaged.
* While the Lahaina Heritage Museum may have lost precious items, there is hope about what has been saved.

Song of the summer: Comedian Kyle Gordon’s song parody of ’90s Eurodance music, “Planet of the Bass,” has gone viral.
* The original 50-second TikTok video has over 8 million views, and the full song was released this week.

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