These interns took selfies with all 100 senators. Here’s what they discovered

Eight interns from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office have taken selfies with all 100 senators over a three-week period.

Interns’ challenge: The interns managed to find and take a selfie with each of the senators within three weeks.
* Two of the interns, Lillian Yang and Claire Moreland, shared their experiences in an interview with NPR.

Revelations from the challenge: The interns noted some interesting details about the senators they met.
* Yang and Moreland named New Jersey Senator Cory Booker as the “most fun” senator due to his warm demeanor and the benefit of his height (6’3″) in getting everyone in the selfie.
* Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was noted as the “most elusive” senator to track down, due to her being a fitness enthusiast capable of running a mile under 7 minutes.
* Yang confessed that her personal favorite was Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, although she didn’t specify why.
* Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was the “longest holdout,” being the last to be found after waiting for “hours” outside the Senate floor.

Success with a bipartisan touch: The 100th selfie with Senator Klobuchar was made possible with the help of her own interns.
* The interns had been gaining attention on Twitter and Klobuchar’s team stepped in to help arrange for the selfie to take place.

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