The Taliban is going after Afghans who studied in the U.S. with Fulbright

The Taliban is now targeting Afghans who studied in the U.S. under the Fulbright program, forcing many into hiding.

Driving the News: Dozens of Fulbright program participants are hiding in Afghanistan as the Taliban increases their pursuit of individuals educated in the U.S.
* These individuals are attempting to leave the country as they face increased targeting.

Implications: The Taliban’s actions endanger not only these educated individuals but it also poses threats for international education and exchange programs.
* This situation may discourage future participation in such programs due to concerns of safety upon returning home.

Current Situation: The escalating threat level means many of these educated individuals live in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, with an urgent need for a safe way out of the country.
* Given the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, their options are becoming increasingly limited.

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