In video, Rep. Ronny Jackson yells profanities at Texas trooper, is put on ground

Recent video footage reveals Rep. Ronny Jackson engaged in a verbal altercation with Texas troopers at a rodeo event, during which he allegedly ignored orders from emergency responders.

The incident: In the late hours on July 29, at a rodeo event, Rep. Jackson voiced his disagreement with police officers as a 15-year-old girl was being taken to hospital.
* The Texas Department of Public Safety released video footage of Jackson cursing at the troopers and threatening to call Gov. Greg Abbott.
* Large parts of the video lack audio and orders for Jackson to step back are not audible.

The aftermath: Jackson, in response, justified his actions via Twitter and criticized the authorities for their “incompetence” and “disregard for the young girl in distress”.
* He also challenged the claims of Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry, whose deputies briefly detained him, alleging that Jackson threatened to physically assault a state trooper.
* An incident report also claimed Jackson vowed to oust Terry in the upcoming election.

The Allegations: The trooper alleged that Jackson was under the influence of alcohol during the incident, given his aggressive actions.
* The video portrays Jackson speaking informally, arguing with the trooper about the situation and citing his medical training.
* Jackson, however, denied the trooper’s claim that he had been drinking.

Past Controversies: Jackson, a former White House physician, has previously been involved in several controversies related to alcohol and allegations of abusive behavior.
* A Pentagon report from 2021 stated that Jackson fostered a toxic work environment, bullied his subordinates, and engaged in inappropriate conduct involving alcohol during presidential trips.
* Jackson rebuffed these allegations, attributing them as a “political hit job”.

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