A mother of 3 was struggling at the airport. Then the ‘mom tribe’ swung into action

A woman recalls a stranger’s act of kindness that made a significant difference during a difficult solo trip with her three young children.

Event Background: Some years ago, Adrianne Drazin was travelling by plane on her own with her three children, ages 4, 2, and 3 months, to meet her husband.
* Post-flight, Drazin was managing multiple bags, a car seat, and her three children when she noticed a family waiting near her.

Unexpected Assistance: A woman from the waiting family insisted on helping Drazin, despite her initial refusal.
* The woman strongly insisted on aiding Drazin, not backing down until she had a solid plan to reach the baggage carousel by herself.

Impression Left: Drazin, years later, vividly remembers and appreciates the woman’s unexpected kindness.
* Upon reaching the exit to meet her husband, the helping family had disappeared, leaving Drazin to explain the unexpected assistance from strangers.
* She reflects on the woman as a “fellow, proud member of the mom tribe,” appreciating the unspoken understanding and support between mothers.

Attached Podcast: This story is part of the “My Unsung Hero” series from the Hidden Brain team, also available as a podcast.
* New episodes of the podcast are released every Tuesday, and they accept stories from listeners about their unsung heroes sent via a voice memo.

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