Fani Willis, the Atlanta DA who’s charging Trump, is no stranger to high-stakes cases

Fani Willis, the Atlanta District Attorney leading the criminal investigation against former President Donald Trump, has a history of working high-stakes cases.

Career background: Fani Willis, the first woman elected district attorney in Fulton County, is known for handling high-pressure cases.
* Willis made her name prosecuting an Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal, winning 11 convictions.
* Willis has previously worked on racketeering cases, using Georgia’s tough Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) laws.

Current Cases: Currently, Willis is overseeing multiple high-profile cases.
* She’s in the middle of a RICO gang case involving the rapper Young Thug.
* Willis is seeking the death penalty and hate crime enhancements against the shooter who allegedly killed eight people in Atlanta-area spas in 2021.

Trial and Errors: Despite her experience, Willis has made some mistakes throughout her career.
* In one instance, Willis hosted a political fundraiser for the opponent of one of the targets of her investigation. This led to her office being disqualified from prosecuting the case.
* According to Atlanta defense attorney Don Samuel, the high-profile nature of the investigation against Trump could divert resources from a district attorney’s office already dealing with a backlog of violent crime cases.

Willis and Trump Case: Willis is leading the criminal investigation against former President Donald Trump.
* Willis’ expertise in local Georgia laws could be advantageous in the investigation against Trump.
* Being outside of the Biden administration possibly provides her with an advantage in prosecuting the former president.

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