A lot is happening in Florida education. These are some of the changes kids will see

Several changes are happening in Florida’s education system including the use of conservative promoting videos, raised income limit for private school vouchers, and new protocols for addressing students.

Videos with a conservative stance: The Florida Board of Education has approved the use of PragerU Kids videos in K-12 schools.
* PragerU Foundation is a nonprofit that creates videos promoting “American values”, and against US colonization, feminism, and certain interpretations of American history.
* Jessica Wright, a former teacher and vice president of the Florida Freedom to Read Project, advises parents to get involved in their children’s education, and question usage of PragerU’s videos.

Increased private school vouchers: The income threshold for students to receive vouchers for private schools has been raised, making more students eligible.
* Previously, children of military or law enforcement members, foster children or those with household income not exceeding 375% of the federal poverty level were eligible for these vouchers.
* Now, the limit is increased to 400% of the federal poverty level.
* These vouchers can be used for tuition at private schools, buying books, transportation etc.
* However, critics suggest this could lower the enrollment in public schools and thereby their funding.

New protocols for student identities: The newly-enacted state’s Parental Rights in Education law requires parent consent to address a child by any other name besides the one on their birth certificate.
* Teachers cannot use preferred pronouns without parent’s consent, causing some parents with LGBTQ+ children to worry about potential harassment.

This summary covers the changes students in Florida can expect as they return to school in the new academic year.

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