4 people dead and 1 missing after an explosion destroys 3 structures in Pennsylvania

Four people have died, and another person is missing after an explosion destroyed three structures in the borough of Plum, Pennsylvania, on Saturday morning.

Catch up quick: An explosion occurred approximately at 10
* Three people were taken to area hospitals, with one person in critical condition.
* Rescuers had to temporarily suspend operations due to weather conditions, but planned to resume their work on Sunday morning.

The big question: The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation by local and county law enforcement, including the county fire marshal’s office.
* There was no information available about who might have been in the homes or had any visitors at the time of the explosion.

Witness accounts: Local residents such as George Emanuele and Rafal Kolankowki provided firsthand accounts.
* Emanuele stated that he dragged an injured man away from the backyard of the exploded house before the fire intensified.
* Kolankowki claimed that the explosion broke the windows of his house, knocking him and his wife to the ground.

“The aftermath: Jeremy Rogers, another resident, returned from shopping to find his house in chaos and was able to rescue his dog, but not locate his family’s three cats. Rafal Kolankowski described the scene as looking like a war zone saying, “It’s just tragic, I mean, it looks like a bomb hit our neighborhood.”

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