The national kid mullet contest is back — and the hairdos are longer and wilder

The National Kid Mullet Contest, a competition showcasing versions of the iconic ’80s haircut among kids aged 1-12, is back this year with over 900 participants.

Competition Details: The USA Mullet Championships recently revealed the top 25 contestants in the kids category.
* There are also contests for teens, as well as adult men and women.
* Voting for the final round will conclude on Friday night, with the top three kid finalists to be announced on Wednesday.
* The first-place winner will receive a $5,000 prize and a trophy.

Mullet Contest Impact: Proceeds raised during the contest will be donated to Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, which provides accessible, mortgage-free homes for military veterans.

Participants Highlights: Several contestants in the kids category have notable stories attached to their mullets.
* Eli Powell, who calls his mullet “The Ginger Mane,” got his first haircut at nine months old and has maintained the style ever since.
* Despite being born with half of a functioning heart and facing impending open-heart surgery, Nash Carroll displays his mullet with energy and joy.
* Dalton Ellis’s mullet eschews the traditional “business in the front” concept, featuring a mohawk, perm, and voluminous mane that keeps the “party going 360 degrees, 24/7.”
* Owen Escoto grew his mullet over a year and a half, becoming a reference point for mullet enthusiasts in his hometown. When asked if he would cut his mullet after the contest, he stated, “No! It’s who I am.”
* After initially cutting a mullet due to bullying, Mason Padilla grew it back out and ranked 11th in last year’s competition.

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