Kings and queens gathered for ‘Hip Hop 50 Live’ at Yankee Stadium

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop’s birth, many artists gathered at Yankee Stadium for a memorable concert called “Hip Hop 50 Live.”

Event highlights: The all-star lineup included artists like Run-DMC, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Eve, Wiz Khalifa, and Nas.
* Tens of thousands of people attended the celebration, with many fans eagerly awaiting for hours outside the ballpark to witness the event.
* One of the night’s big surprises was an unexpected collaboration between Nas and Lauryn Hill.

Artists from different regions: The south and west coasts got representation with T.I from Atlanta, Snoop Dogg from California, and Lil Wayne from New Orleans.
* The show, although heavily featuring New York artists, did not leave out the contributions from different regions in the growth of hip hop.

Event’s significance: The concert provided a journey through different eras of the hip hop culture.
* Notable figures like DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell, who threw the block party acknowledged as the birth of hip hop, were in attendance.
* The concert served not just as a celebration, but as educational experience into the genre, especially for the younger generation.

Closing performance: Run-DMC closed the show in what was billed as the trio’s last show ever.
* Attendees, many of whom were dressed in full Run-DMC style, waved white Superstars in the air during the performance of “My Adidas”.

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