Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution

Ohio voters have defeated Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment aiming to make it more difficult for future amendments to the state constitution to pass.

The implications: The defeat of Issue 1 means an upcoming vote in November on an amendment potentially enshrining abortion rights into the Ohio Constitution will require a simple majority to pass.
* The vote on Issue 1 took place during a special August election, which saw higher than expected turnout.

Insights from the ground: There were noted issues at some of the polling places on election day.
* Vote difficulties included confusion over photo I.D. requirements, unclear curbside voting signage, and issues with long lines in some urban areas, particularly at precincts that had been moved or consolidated.
* Policy Affairs Manager for the Ohio League of Women Voters, Nazek Hatasha, indicated inadequate poll worker training, particularly in light of new voter I.D. laws.

Technical challenges: New voting machines and a shortage of poll workers posed challenges for this election.
* Mike West, manager of the outreach department for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, pointed out that introducing new scanners led to initial difficulties at a few locations.

By the numbers: Nearly 700,000 Ohioans cast early ballots, a number five times higher than the total turnout for the previous August’s election.
* Despite speculations that the attention to Issue 1 might drive up the turnout, the Secretary of State, Republican Frank LaRose, suggested that the turnout could be similar to the 7.9% seen statewide in last year’s legislative primary in August.

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