How one Afghan family made the perilous journey across the U.S.-Mexico border

The Amani family, refugees from Afghanistan, undertook a perilous journey to seek medical treatment for their daughter in the U.S.

Challenging Journey: The Amani family, originally from Afghanistan, had to face numerous obstacles to get their sick daughter, Yousra, the medical care she needed.
* Yousra suffered a stroke while the family was in Pakistan. They decided to move to Mexico in hopes of better medical care.
* In Mexico, the family faced language barriers and financial constraints that further limited Yousra’s medical assistance.

Decision to Enter the U.S.: The family paid smugglers to get them across the U.S.-Mexico border.
* After crossing the border and avoiding a polluted river, the family was picked up by U.S. Border Control.
* Upon seeing Yousra’s condition, U.S immigration officials recognized there was a medical emergency and began to assist the family.

Settling in: The family settled in Northern Virginia where there’s a large Afghan community and the necessary medical facilities for Yousra.
* They connected with Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., for her treatments.
* Dr. Karen Smith, a pediatrician at Children’s, is currently treating Yousra, who suffers from a metabolic disorder.

Challenges and Hopes: The Amani family still faces challenges since they are considered illegal immigrants by the U.S. authorities.
* Although they have applied for asylum which would allow them to work, their lawyer, Yurika Cooper, mentioned the lengthy process due to a backlog in cases.
* Regardless of the obstacles, the family remains hopeful for their future in the U.S., with plans to learn English and find work.

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