Trump’s legal team offer more lax rules for a proposed protective order in Jan. 6 case

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team proposes less restrictive guidelines for a potential protective order in the Jan. 6 criminal case against Trump.

Clash of priorities: Trump’s lawyers are negotiating less restrictive rules over what details can be publicly disclosed, while federal prosecutors wish to keep cases details under restricted view.
* Trump’s legal team insists on protecting “only genuinely sensitive materials from public view.”
* Prosecutors argue the order would also shield “sensitive and confidential” information in discovery from public view.

Courtroom struggle: The negotiation process over the protective order’s parameters has implications for the overall trial.
* Trump’s legal team claims Justice Department prosecutors are politically motivated in their attempt to restrict Trump’s First Amendment protections.
* The negotiation of the protective order is crucial for prosecutors to begin the discovery process and schedule the actual trial.

Back-and-forth: Both the defense and prosecutors still don’t see eye-to-eye over the protective order’s specifics.
* Trump’s lawyers have included an email from the prosecutors claiming, “We do not believe we will be able to come to an agreement on most issues.”
* The decision on the protective order’s next steps lies with Judge Tanya Chutkan, and the next hearing is scheduled for August 28.

Legal timeline: The lawyers were denied an extension to get more time to respond to the motion for a protective order.
* The filing comes in response to special counsel Jack Smith’s call for a protective order to limit what discovery evidence Trump can share publicly about the case.
* Moving forward, the decision on the specifics of the protective order will significantly affect the progress of the case.

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