Some state Republican parties are struggling and seeing deep divisions

Several state Republican parties are experiencing significant internal conflict and financial difficulties, in some cases following election losses.

Struggling finances and rifts: Certain state GOPs are financially unstable and in disagreement about the party’s future.
* In Minnesota, the state Republican Party had only $50 cash on hand this spring after continuous election losses.
* Michigan’s GOP is almost bankrupt, led by election deniers, and is operating from a condo.
* Colorado is seeing a shift from a competitive purple state to a deep blue state, with Republicans holding no statewide offices.

Figuring out the focus: Party disagreement often revolves around whether to court the far-right or reach out to a broader electorate.
* Some like Dave Williams, the newly elected party chair for Colorado GOP, are against Republicans who they see as not conservative enough, focusing on issues like election fraud and parents’ rights.
* However, others, like former Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams, argue against policing conservative values and a single-focus on fealty to Trump.

Issues Beyond Division: Some states witness challenges despite their internal disputes.
* Despite infighting, Republicans in Georgia have seen electoral success, leaning more on their personal campaign infrastructure than the state party’s.
* In Michigan, donors dissatisfied with the state party’s struggles are turning to alternative operations.

Infrastructure and support concerns: Financial instability and lack of support are impacting party operations.
* Lackluster fundraising and spending cuts have impacted the Colorado party’s operations, with no paying members of its staff.
* Donors like Pete Woods will not support the state party financially till the vitriol subsides.
* In Michigan, due to donor dissatisfaction, parallel operations are being set up, like one led by former Gov. Rick Snyder for Michigan House GOP.

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