Montgomery’s mayor is promising justice after a Riverfront brawl

A brawl at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama, that went viral promises to see justice served, according to the city’s mayor, Steven L. Reed.

Driving the news: On Saturday, Montgomery police responded to a large fight at the city’s waterfront, resulting in multiple arrests and the issuing of four active warrants, with more potentially to follow.
* According to Alabama political reporter Josh Moon, the fight began when a group of boaters docked in a space reserved for a city riverboat.
* As a Black dock attendant attempted to untie the pontoon boat, he was confronted and attacked by several white men associated with the boat.
* The attack escalated as several bystanders joined in, leading to the previously mentioned arrests and warrants.

Mayor’s stand: Mayor Steven L. Reed has pledged that “justice will be served” following what he described as “an unfortunate incident which never should have occurred.”
* Reed applauded the response of the police department and stated that those who “choose violent actions” will be held accountable.

The bigger picture: The fight happened only hours after an annual Republican Party summer dinner in Montgomery, attended by former President Donald Trump.
* Montgomery is recognized as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement.

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