Scouting body asks South Korea to cut World Scout Jamboree short amid heat wave

Amid a severe heatwave, South Korea has been asked by the global scouting body to cut the World Scout Jamboree short, leading to thousands of scouts, including British and American contingents, starting to leave.

Escalating heatwave: The heatwave is one of the worst in South Korea’s recent years, causing health issues for hundreds of participants since the Jamboree began on Wednesday in the coastal town of Buan.
* The World Organization of the Scout Movement has requested organizers to potentially end the event sooner and provide support to participants until they leave the country.
* The U.K. Scout Association has withdrawn more than 4,000 British scouts, and American scouts are preparing to leave.
* Activities that require substantial physical efforts have been canceled by the organizers.

Immediate response: South Korea has been making efforts to manage the heatwave situation.
* Air conditioning has been increased at the site, and more emergency vehicles and medical staff have been added.
* South Korea’s Foreign Ministry has launched a special task force to deal with safety concerns.
* President Yoon Suk Yeol assured an “unlimited supply” of air-conditioned buses and refrigerator trucks carrying chilled water to the location.

By the numbers: Around 40,000 scouts from 158 countries gathered at the Jamboree, with roughly 4,500 from the U.K.
* South Korea’s government reported that 138 Jamboree participants received treatment for heat-related illnesses in a single day.

But assurances: Despite concerns, Secretary-General of the Jamboree’s organizing committee, Choi Chang-haeng, insists the event is safe enough to continue.

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