Russian opposition activist Navalny is sentenced to 19 more years in prison

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has been convicted on extremism charges and sentenced to an additional 19 years in prison amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Latest Judgement: Navalny’s trial took place behind closed doors in a maximum security prison where he is already serving a 9-year sentence.
* He was found guilty of financing and inciting “extremist activities” via his Anti-Corruption Foundation, as well as “rehabilitating Nazi ideology”.
* Navalny has dismissed the charges and court proceedings as political retribution aimed at silencing him.

Continuing Activism: Despite his imprisonment, Navalny continues to influence Russian politics.
* By maintaining contact with lawyers and a team of associates in exile, he keeps an active social media presence where he regularly shares updates about his prison conditions and political commentary.
* Last month, Navalny’s allies launched an online campaign aimed at swaying public opinion against Putin and the war in Ukraine.

Implications of the Conviction: Navalny’s extended jail term is expected to limit his access to the outside world.
* He has warned that the ruling would be “Stalinist”, echoing the grim prison conditions under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s regime.
* In a statement, Navalny called on Russians to resist the government, which he accused of arresting hundreds to instill fear in millions.

Persisting Hope: Despite the repeated sentencing, Navalny maintains optimism for the future of Russia.
* He commends the younger generation of Russians for their ability to recover from the current crisis and shape a “beautiful Russia of the future”.

Who Said What: Navalny criticised the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine in a closing statement to the court, calling it “the most stupid and senseless war of the 21st century.”

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