Up First briefing: Trump’s arraignment; Lizzo sued; Republicans on climate change

Today’s top stories include the arraignment of Former President Donald Trump, Republicans’ stance on climate change, issues with Ukraine’s grain exports, and a lawsuit against artist Lizzo.

Trump’s arraignment: Former President Donald Trump is expected to appear in a Washington, D.C. courtroom on charges related to efforts to retain power post the 2020 election.
* Trump’s attorney, John Lauro, claims that Trump’s actions were protected under freedom of speech rights.
* NPR’s Franco Ordoñez suggests this situation has become a burden on Trump’s campaign, though it is also being used as a means to raise funds.

Republicans on climate change: A new NPR poll suggests a significant portion of Republicans prioritize the economy over addressing climate change.
* NPR’s Domenico Montanaro notes that climate change evidence continues to mount, but action on the issue remains slow in Congress.
* Despite this, Montanaro sees potential hope in the younger generation, who are more likely to view climate change as a substantial threat.

Ukraine grain exports: Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine’s main inland port has escalated global food prices and hindered Ukraine’s grain export operations.
* Approximately 40,000 tons of grain intended for various nations have been damaged by recent drone attacks, as reported by Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry.
* According to NPR’s Joanna Kakissis, Ukraine wishes to highlight Russia’s use of food as a weapon in the ongoing conflict and is seeking international assistance to bolster its air defense.

Lizzo’s lawsuit: Grammy-winning artist Lizzo is being sued by three former dancers for alleged harassment and generating a hostile work environment.
* The lawsuit contains accusations of religious, racial, and sexual harassment as well as false imprisonment.
* Attorney Ron Zambrano comments that the alleged ill-treatment contradicts Lizzo’s public stance on self-love, feminism, and body positivity.

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