Post Malone bought Magic: The Gathering’s ‘One Ring’ card valued as high as $2 million

Rapper Post Malone has reportedly purchased a unique Magic: The Gathering card called ‘The One Ring’ for an amount thought to be around $2 million.

Backdrop: Malone previously shattered Magic
* The One Ring card, which was released in June, is valued as high as $2 million.
* Malone has been a long-time fan of the game, even having a card, the Post the Enchanter, created in his honor in 2021 by game creators Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro.

Card’s journey: The unique card was sold by Brook Trafton, who posted a video of the discovery of the mint condition card on social media.
* The video of him finding the card, which he has had rated by card-grading company Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), has had nearly 4 million views.
* Trafton noted his hard decision to sell the card from his childhood hobby, but the “life changing” potential of the transaction was too much to pass up.

The transaction: Trafton handed off the card to Malone during a personal interaction, the video of which he shared on social media platforms TikTok and X Corp (formerly known as Twitter).
* Malone expressed interest in the card, saying “Yeah, I’ll take it,” before sharing a hug with Trafton.
* While the exact purchase price is unknown, Trafton expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating that the sale has “changed his life” and was a “dream come true.”

What to watch: It remains to be seen whether Malone will attempt to buy other highly valued Magic

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