Trump’s attorney tells NPR how he plans to defend against the latest charges

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney John Lauro outlines his plans to defend Trump against charges related to an alleged conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Order of events: Trump has been summoned for arraignment and is facing four charges, making it his third criminal indictment but first linked to the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.
* While Trump’s appearance at the arraignment is voluntary, he will be in court in person.

Defense Strategy: Attorney John Lauro believes that the charges are divisive and impinge on free speech rights.
* He argues that the trial should be conducted in West Virginia for a more impartial jury due to its politically balanced demographics.
* Lauro asserts the team needs ample time to prepare for what he describes as one of the largest cases in U.S. history.

Timeline of the case: There is ongoing debate over the timeline of the trial as Lauro seeks a reasonable trial over a speedy one, in contrast to special counsel Jack Smith’s call for a swift trial.
* While it is uncertain whether the trial could conclude by the November 2024 elections, Lauro emphasizes their right to thoroughly examine evidence and take the necessary time to prepare.

Legal Approach: Lauro is framing the charges as an attack on free speech, asserting that Trump was expressing his views and advocating for a belief held by him and his supporters.
* The defense team argues that Trump was advocating for truth during the election cycle, a point they believe will sway the jury in their favor.
* Lauro maintains that the team will argue that even if Trump had said something untrue, it would still be protected under free speech.

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