Latest Trump indictment could lead to even more disruption in the House

The latest indictment of Donald Trump could cause further disruption in the House and possibly result in a government shutdown this fall.

Key Insight: The New York Times congressional correspondent, Annie Karni, has suggested a potential fallout from Trump’s recent indictment.
* Karni speculates that if Republicans retaliate by choosing not to pass spending bills, the result could be a government shutdown this fall.

Potential Consequences: A government shutdown can disrupt many aspects of public services and its operations.
* A shutdown can lead to federal agencies closing or scaling back their operations until funding is resumed.
* Essential services like social security and Medicare, however, continue their operations during a shutdown.

Anticipated response: The specific reactions of Republicans and towards the spending bills following Trump’s indictment is yet uncertain.
* While some retaliation is predicted, the exact form it will take and its impact on legislative proceedings remains to be seen.

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