Watch: Lori Vallow Daybell is sentenced for killing her children in ‘zombie’ murders

Lori Vallow Daybell has been sentenced for murdering her two children and conspiring to murder a romantic rival, crimes motivated by her arcane religious beliefs.

Context and accusations: Vallow Daybell’s sentencing hearing started at 9 a.m. MT on Monday.
* Vallow Daybell, 50, could face life imprisonment without parole for her crimes.
* Prosecutors claim she committed the crimes due to certain arcane religious beliefs and her wanting to start a new life with her new husband, Chad Daybell.
* She was accused of conspiring to kill Daybell’s late wife, Tammy Daybell.

The victims: Details of the killings reveal a chilling tale.
* Vallow Daybell’s children, Tylee Ryan and Joshua Jaxon “JJ” Vallow, were last seen alive in September 2019 and their bodies were found in June 2020, buried on Chad Daybell’s property.
* Prosecutors accused Vallow Daybell of failing to report her children missing to continue collecting benefit payments.

Dark beliefs: During the trial, bizarre religious beliefs held by Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell came to the fore.
* Lori Vallow Daybell reportedly believed that her children had become “zombies”, an idea she got from Chad Daybell.
* The couple also presented themselves as religious figures called “James and Elaina”, claiming to be able to detect if people were under an evil spirit’s influence.

Defense Argument: The defense portrayed Lori Vallow Daybell as a victim, under the influence of Chad Daybell.
* James Archibald, Vallow’s defense attorney, argued that she was under the control of Chad Daybell, who she saw as her messiah and eternal soulmate.
* He also claimed that there was little direct evidence linking Vallow Daybell to her children’s deaths.

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