The Yellow trucking company meltdown, explained

Yellow, a major U.S. trucking company that previously received a $700 million federal pandemic loan, is reportedly shutting down, which could result in the largest trucking bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Unexpected Shutdown: Yellow has reportedly shut down and is expected to file for bankruptcy after laying off employees at all locations.
* Internal notices sent to customers and employees reportedly indicated the shutdown.
* Yellow has not publicly announced any plans for bankruptcy or a potential shutdown.

Employee Impact: Yellow’s shutdown could impact its 30,000 employees.
* The Teamsters union, which represents Yellow’s 22,000 unionized workers, advised Yellow employees to prepare for the worst.

Financial Troubles and Union Strife: Yellow’s troubles follow a recent exodus of customers amid union struggles and years of financial difficulties.
* Following a threat of a Teamsters strike, Yellow’s freight volumes fell 80% in a week.
* A $50 million benefits payment missed by Yellow triggered the strike threat.
* Yellow has $1.3 billion in loan debt due in fall 2024, $729 million of which is owed to the federal government.

Past Mistakes and Future Implications: Yellow received a $700 million loan from the government in 2020 as part of a COVID-19 rescue package, but a congressional probe found that the disbursement was a mistake.
* If the company folds, it could lead to the loss of 30,000 jobs. However, other freight carriers may absorb Yellow’s business.
* Retailers and manufacturers are likely to see higher shipping rates if Yellow folds, as Yellow is known for its low shipping rates compared to its rivals.

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