A drone attack on Moscow briefly shut the airport and injured one

Three Ukrainian drones attacked Moscow on Sunday, resulting in one injury and a temporary closure of one of the city’s airports.

Driving the news: The drone attack caused brief disruptions in Moscow’s Vnukovo airport and damaged two buildings in the Moscow City business district.
* This attack, called an “attempted terrorist attack by the Kyiv regime” by the Russian Defense Ministry, is the fourth such attempt this month, raising concerns about Moscow’s vulnerability.
* There was no immediate comment from Ukrainian officials regarding the attack.

The backstory: This attack follows similar ones in recent days, highlighting a trend and potentially signaling an escalation.
* The Russian Defense Ministry reported shooting down a Ukrainian drone outside Moscow on Friday and two more drones struck the Russian capital on Monday.
* On July 4, four drones were downed by air defenses on the outskirts of Moscow, and a fifth was jammed and forced down.

The aftermath: The immediate limitations on traffic and flights at the Vnukovo airport have since been lifted after the attack.
* Photos from the scene show the facade of a skyscraper in the Moscow City district damaged on one floor.
* One security guard was injured in the attack, according to Russia’s state news agency Tass.

The context: The series of drone attacks come as Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its 18th month, with no clear end in sight.
* Ukraine has rarely, if ever, taken responsibility for attacks on Russian soil.

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