Trader Joe’s recalls its frozen falafel for possibly having rocks in it

Trader Joe’s has recalled its frozen falafel due to the potential presence of rocks, after a similar issue with two of its cookie products.

Recall Details: Trader Joe’s was informed by its supplier about the possibility of rocks in its frozen falafel.
* A statement on Friday confirmed that all potentially affected product has been removed from sale and destroyed.
* Customers who purchased the falafel, identified by SKU number 93935, are advised to discard it or return it for a full refund.

Recent Issues: This recall follows a similar issue last week with Trader Joe’s Almond Windmill Cookies and Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies.
* Both products were also recalled due to potential rocks.

Items affected: The affected falafel is sold in Washington, D.C., and 34 other states.
* It is fully cooked and frozen prior to sale.

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