Forecasters say Southwest temperatures to ease some with arrival of monsoon rains

Historic heatwave in the Southwest of the U.S. is expected to begin easing with the arrival of late monsoon rains, relieving areas that experienced notably high temperatures throughout July.

Heatwave Breakdown: Heat scorched the Southwest U.S., especially within Phoenix, for the entire month of July.
* Phoenix saw consecutive days of temperatures at or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) for 29 days.
* The city also experienced lows over 90 (32.2 C) for 16 days.
* Phoenix’s high on Friday reached 116 (46.7 C), significantly higher than the average temperature of 106 (41.1 C).

Effect of the Monsoon: The late monsoon, which began on Wednesday, is expected to ease temperatures and bring rain, despite the heatwave persisting in some areas.
* Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Death Valley are all expected to see temperatures ease.
* The arrival of a major monsoon storm in Phoenix brought high winds, dust storms, and localized precipitation.
* More storms, increasing in strength, are anticipated over the weekend.

Heatwave Consequences: While the weather’s cooling trend brings relief, the record-breaking heatwave has resulted in fatalities and continues to pose risks.
* The fire department in Goodyear, a Phoenix suburb, warned residents of the on-going dangers of heat exposure.
* Maricopa County reported that as of July 21, there had been 25 heat-associated deaths this year, with an additional 249 cases currently under investigation.

Global Standpoint: The extreme heat in the U.S. contributes to what is projected to be the hottest July on record globally.
* The extreme heat has moved from the Midwest into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas of the U.S., setting new heat records.

Future Weather Forecast: Though the Southwest is seeing some relief, other areas are still expecting high temperatures.
* Next week, highs in Yuma are estimated between 104 to 112 (40 C to 44.4 C), while Tucson expects highs from 99 to 111 (37.2 C to 43.9 C).
* Las Vegas is forecasted to experience temperatures dropping as low as 94 (34.4 C) after a prolonged period of temperatures above 110 (43.3 C). Death Valley will also see a slight decrease in temperature, though it will still be 116 (46.7 C).
* Albuquerque, New Mexico, expects temperatures in the mid to high 90s (around 35 C) next week.

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