A study estimates 800 great white sharks are swimming off the Cape Cod coast

A recent study estimates about 800 great white sharks might be residing off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Study Findings: Researchers recorded their encounters with sharks from 2015 to 2018.
* They made 137 trips to Cape Cod, during which they identified 393 sharks using commercial spotter pilots and video cameras.
* Some sharks were not included in the count due to unclear video footage or lack of unique features for duplicate identification.

Methodology: Researchers estimated the shark population using observation data and a model.
* The most shark sightings occurred in August and September, with fewer in June and July.
* The researchers found more males than females, possibly because their reproductive organs make them easier to identify.

Shark Demographics: The majority of the observed sharks were juveniles and “subadults”.
* Despite being known to frequent Cape Cod’s waters, great whites have been difficult to track because of their elusive nature and small populations.

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