Up First briefing: Government shutdown looms; extreme heat and hospitals; losing a pet

Today’s top stories include a possible government shutdown, fallout from extreme summer temperatures, and additional charges in the Trump investigation.

Government shutdown looms: Congress and the Biden administration are racing to prevent a government shutdown by September 30.
* After reaching an agreement last month, some House Republicans presented controversial additions to the bills, causing uncertainty over whether a shutdown can be avoided.
* The Anti-Woke Caucus, made up of about two dozen Republicans, proposed eliminating funding for things they say promote far-left ideology on race and gender.

Heatwave impact: Extreme temperatures are leading to increased cases of heat fatigue and heat stroke.
* In New Orleans, hospitals resort to cooling people down by placing them in body bags filled with ice.
* More frequent and intense heat events could lead to more hurricanes and additional strain on hospitals.

Trump’s legal challenges: Former President Donald Trump faces new charges in a classified documents investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith.
* Charges relate to allegations involving a top-secret presentation waved at aides at Trump’s New Jersey resort.
* A new defendant, aide Walt Nauta, was also added to the indictment against Trump.

Sports hazing lawsuits: Rising numbers of hazing lawsuits against Northwestern University’s sports programs.
* Allegations of hazing and bullying from former athletes in their football, baseball, and volleyball teams have resulted in a series of lawsuits and the firing of two head coaches.

“Today’s three things to know”: Singapore executed its first woman in nearly two decades for drug trafficking, new Department of Transportation rules require one wheelchair-accessible bathroom on planes, and a personal story from Julia Minson about empathy in medicine.

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