Up First briefing: Extreme heat and hospitals; Trump faces new charges; summer reads

Today’s top stories include a potential government shutdown, extreme summer heat affecting hospitals, additional charges for former President Trump, and hazing allegations against Northwestern University’s sports clubs.

Budget controversy: Congress and the Biden administration have until September 30 to avoid a government shutdown.
* House Republicans have added controversial items to the budget bills, causing a lack of certainty that a shutdown can be avoided.
* The debate centers around the “Anti-Woke Caucus,” which advocates against funding what it sees as far left ideology on race and gender.

Extreme Summer Impact: The high temperatures this summer are causing heat fatigue and strokes.
* In New Orleans, some hospitals resort to cooling patients down by placing them in ice-filled body bags.
* Increased frequency of heat waves and heat domes is projected for the future, along with more hurricanes in New Orleans, compounding strain on hospitals.

Sports Allegations: Northwestern University faces a mounting number of hazing lawsuits against its sports programs.
* Several former athletes from the university’s football, baseball, and volleyball teams have accused the programs of hazing and bullying, leading to multiple lawsuits.

Legal Battles: Former President Trump faces additional charges related to his handling of classified documents.
* Special Counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing investigation has introduced the new charges and added another defendant, Trump’s aide Walt Nauta.

Weekend Picks: The NPR recommends Netflix’s “They Cloned Tyrone”, the second season of “Dark Winds”, NPR’s Code Switch reading list, and the album ‘At Newport’ by Joni Mitchell for the weekend.
* The recommendations offer various entertainment options for weekend enjoyment, including TV, movies, books, and music.

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