Up First briefing: Hunter Biden plea deal; coup in Niger, remembering Sinead O’Connor

Key developments for today include a delayed judgment on Hunter Biden’s plea deal, a coup in Niger, a new migration strategy in New York City, the death of singer Sinead O’Connor, and issues with streaming in Hollywood.

Legal proceedings: A Delaware judge has requested clarification on the terms of Hunter Biden’s plea deal with the Justice Department over tax and gun charges.
* Republicans are trying to link Hunter’s business dealings with foreign companies to his father, President Joe Biden, with some calling for impeachment.
* Jerry Nadler, top Democrat in the House Judiciary Committee, dismisses the impeachment efforts as political maneuvering with an eye on the 2024 election.

International Developments: A military coup has overthrown the President of Niger, an important Western ally in an unstable region.
* The coup has been condemned by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who voiced support for deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.
* Despite support from the US and France, insecurity in Niger has escalated, with widespread poverty and an overwhelmed response to Islamist insurgencies.

New Immigration Approach: NYC Mayor Eric Adams plans to distribute flyers at the US-Mexico border to discourage migrants from coming to the city.
* The new policy limits the length of stay for single migrants in city shelters to 60 days.
* Critics say this new policy could further force migrants into the underground economy and increase their risk of exploitation.

The arts scene: Renowned Irish singer and activist Sinead O’Connor has died at the age of 56.
* Famous for her recording of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” O’Connor was a valued voice in the music scene from a young age.
* The cause of her death has not been officially released.

Entertainment Industry: Writer and actor strikes in Hollywood are drawing attention to problems with streaming services.
* Fans and writers are protesting premature show cancellations and the removal of shows from streaming platforms.
* Writers lack negotiating power as streaming services withhold performance data unlike traditional TV ratings and box office numbers.

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