Biden is rolling out some new actions aimed at protecting people from extreme heat

President Biden plans to unveil measures designed to shield communities from excessive heat, including a Department of Labor alert for high-risk industries.

Actions overview: President Biden will announce new strategies to tackle extreme heat conditions.
* He will request the Department of Labor to issue a hazard warning for high-risk industries such as agriculture and construction where workers are more prone to injuries and deaths due to high temperatures.

Fund allotments: Biden will foreground a sum of $152 million dedicated to water storage and pipelines for communities affected by drought in western states, and an additional $7 million to enhance weather forecasts.
* These moves come on the same day that Washington, D.C., is experiencing a heat advisory.

Discussions with Mayors: President Biden will be hosting the mayors of Phoenix and San Antonio at the White House to discuss the effects of extreme weather conditions on their cities.

Reactions: While climate activists are encouraging Biden to limit fossil fuel production through use of his emergency powers, the White House is focusing on Biden’s history of investing in clean energy.
* “He’s taken more action, has been more aggressive on dealing with climate change than any other president,” stated press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

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