‘This has become a sacred alley.’ The face of Emad Sharghi imprisoned in Iran

Emad Sharghi, an American held in Iran since 2018, is memorialized along with others on a decaying mural, symbolizing the passage of time.

Background: The mural depicts faces of Americans detained overseas, including Emad Sharghi’s, who has been held in Iran since 2018.
* The artist, Isaac Campbell, purposely used materials that would decay over time to represent the passage of time affecting the lives of the detained individuals and their families.

His Family’s Perspective: Neda Sharghi, Emad’s sister, shared their painful experience of his detainment and their undying hope for his return.
* Emad Sharghi was originally detained while traveling with his wife in Iran in April 2018. He has been incarcerated ever since and designated as wrongfully detained by the State Department due to his American citizenship.
* During a riot and a fire at the prison, Emad Sharghi almost lost his life. His family was unaware of his condition or whereabouts for days.
* The mural has become a “sacred alley” for families, including Emad’s. Some of those who have been released return to see their past representations on the mural.

How is Sharghi Now?: According to Neda, his situation in prison is dire but he attempts to keep his spirits high.
* Emad, an innocent American citizen, is in struggling physical and mental health, stuck in a state of wonder as to why he’s still imprisoned and when his release might come about.

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