NAACP’s Ivory Toldson discusses the investigation into Harvard legacy admissions

Ivory Toldson from the NAACP discusses the Department of Education’s civil rights investigation into Harvard University’s legacy admissions in a recent NPR interview.

Driving the news: The Department of Education has launched a civil rights investigation into legacy admissions at Harvard University.
* This investigation is of great interest to NAACP’s Ivory Toldson.

The conversation: Toldson spoke with NPR’s Steve Inskeep about the ongoing investigation.
* Details of their discussion were not provided in the article.

The Legacy Question: Legacy admissions refer to the preference given by educational institutions to applicants who are related to alumni.
* These are currently under scrutiny at one of the world’s most famous educational institutions – Harvard University.

Further information: The full discussion between Toldson and Inskeep can be accessed through NPR.
* This article does not provide specific quotes or further details about the conversation.

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